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Grand Lodge official calendar including events from various lodges and from the Grand Lodge.

Stormy Kromer Cap with Masonic Logo

Masonic Gear

In 1903 George "Stormy" Kromer asked his wife to stitch a cap with a higher crown, a pull down earband and a soft cloth visor -- and so the legendary Stormy Kromer cap was born. 113 years later, our exclusive Masonic Logo has been embroidered onto the cap and is being sold to Michigan Masons.   Click here to order.

North Star Project

North Star Project Donation

This year the Grand Lodge unveiled the North Star Project to assist the local Lodge in developing and implementing membership development and retention programs. Lodges implementing these programs will need our support until they can be financially sustainable. We need your support. Please donate here.

S.A.Y. Detroit

S.A.Y. Donation

Michigan Masons and the Michigan Masonic Charitable Foundation donate $500,000 to help make a difference at S.A.Y. Play Detroit Play Center. Find out more here.

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